Our aim is to provide an efficient & cost effective service to our clients whilst maintaining the highest degree of professional standards. This is reflected in our firm's motto "A Tradition of Excellence, Innovation & Results."

General Legal Services
  • General notarization for use abroad
  • Preparation of such documents
  • Powers of Attorney and Mandates
  • Change of name and other deeds
  • Wills/Testaments
  • Affidavits, Administration of Oaths and Declarations
  • Documents in connection with marriages abroad
  • Legal opinions for International Finance
  • Certification
  • Immigration and Nationality Law
  • Property Transactions & Conveyancing
  • Family Settlement, Succession Planning
  • Gifts, Donations
  • Acknowledgements/Attestations
  • Mortgage, Charge & Pledge
  • Partition
  • Rectification and Rescission of deeds
Range of Corporate & Commercial Services
  • Commercial Contracts, Leases
  • Apostille and Legalization at Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Bills of Exchange
  • Shipping protests
  • Business Organizations, Companies, Partnerships
  • International Tax Planning/Double Taxation Treaties
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Notarial Certificates of Good Standing
  • Drawing of Certificate of Good Standing
  • Certification of Identity of Directors, Secretaries and Other Company Officers
  • Notarizing the Execution of Commercial Contracts for International use
  • Authenticating Documents to assist in the opening of Corporate Branch
  • Offices, or Bank Accounts in or outside Seychelles.
  • Notarizing Commercial Mortgages for International Finance
  • Providing Certified Copies of Company Resolutions, Minutes, Reports and other Company Documents
  • Notarizing Affidavits, Sworn Declarations, Witness Statements and Statutory Declarations
  • Notarizations of Translations
  • Trade mark, Patent & Copyright Registration, Defense and Prosecution
  • Ships and Aircraft Registration

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